Album: Goodbye to Me
Song: Goodbye to Me
Release Date: 2020

Music & Lyrics written by Athan Monk

You had your fingers wrapped around for too long
It was so fuckin' hard to leave, almost losing all of me
I wonder when you turned around--180
Choking used to be our fun, never worried 'bout the day that you would try to hold me under water never letting go...
Never thought you'd be the one to grab my heart and wanna break it, when you tried so hard to take it
I guess we really never know

So why did you fill me with lies?
Told me that I was the one that made everything good
Had me believe I did nothing at all--you lied
Had me believe I did nothing at all--ooh you lied

Say goodbye, say goodbye to me
I'm waving my hands in your face, so now say goodbye to me

I'm sick and tired of your face too
I'm done cryin', I'm in phase two
Say goodbye as I wave to ya
And I really hope he act the same way to ya
But don't worry, I'll be fine
This shit happens everyday
Ain't nothin' gotta say
Ain't nothin' gotta prove
Ain't tryna waste time, do you
I tried to give all, I tried to give all to you
My heart and my soul, everything all to you
But nothing really ain't enough, is it?
It started good, then it got different
You had my heart, then it went missin'
We ate it up, then we took a shit
And I remember all the times that you would look me in the eye and tell me everything is fine and though I knew it was a lie I tried to keep it all alive for the sake of it falling through...